Full Enterprise Technology Support Services

Because we’re backed by a legacy of industry thought leadership and expertise, Essintial offers innovative IT solutions in support of enterprise technology. Furthermore, we manage the lifecycle of technology through well-established field and data center services, infrastructure and technology.

Managed IT Services

Essintial has mobile field technicians throughout the country who have the ability to provide all required systems support, delivering an optimal experience for end-customers. We manage the entire asset infrastructure, from installation and configuration of systems to future field services support for the whole organization. Our robust service desk also has the ability to remotely support store/site installations and upgrades to existing infrastructure

Logistics and Asset Management

Whether a new operation or an infrastructure revitalization, Essintial delivers  full and flexible Depot Services, providing the hardware equipment you need to keep your business running efficiently and reducing inventory holding costs.  We not only services most OEMs, we also sell OEM brands through our Configuration Center.  And with a 100K sq. ft. warehouse/depot and 150+ forward stocking locations, we have the end-to-end ability to repair, configure, warehouse, and deploy your IT assets. 

IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change)

Essintial prepares geographically dispersed locations for new installations or upgrades to infrastructure, and  can guide you through a broad range of projects – short or long term. With expertise in labor and logistics management, Essintial  ensures successful deployments for installs, upgrades and office moves. In addition, our Tiger Team provides highly specialized technical training when specific skillsets are required, bringing expertise and remaining on site through implementation. 

Staff Augmentation

When you experience short-term budgetary pressures and headcount limitations, Essintial closes the gap with its staff augmentation service, delivering the skill sets you need. We become experts in your business, resulting in increased productivity and time and cost-efficiencies.

We are experts in service delivery.

It is who we are, what we do, and what we are all about.