Reducing lines to improve customer experience


This national beer, wine and spirits retailer needed its assets stored nearby each of its locations, as well as a centrally located depot where they could be tracked, managed and repaired quickly.

A field operation with technicians available 24/7 to fix parts still in operating condition, as well recycle end of life assets, was also critical.


Essintial’s team quickly and efficiently makes repairs, manages warranty services, and tracks, exchanges and disposes of devices when necessary. Essintial also remotely monitors devices in each store to catch problems early, minimizing the time it takes to make repairs or install new equipment.


Essintial has met a tight SLA requirement, and is a major contributor to the organization’s ability to achieve its goal of reducing lines in its stores to improve customer experience.

Whether you need to replace or repair, your PCI-compliant solution is less than 2 hours away. With our purchasing relationships, we seamlessly manage the process of procuring and delivering product to your locations.