Outsourcing to focus on core business


One of the country’s largest drugstore chains employed an internal IT service team until the company decided to focus on its core business and outsource service delivery, which can be challenging and disruptive. With 2,500 stores in 19 states on both the East and West Coasts, the organization a reliable partner with comprehensive services and dependable reach to handle all of its healthcare, pharmacy and retail equipment service needs.


The company needed to tap into every aspect of Essintial’s business including warehouse depot, field service, project management and staffing, so Essintial needed to quickly and seamlessly staff up. This included onboarding approximately 100 new employees, many of whom were former employees of the client. All of this had to be accomplished in 90 days to meet the SLA, saving the chain budget dollars and allowing the company focus on its core business during a challenging time in the retail sector.


Despite never seeing the technology before, Essintial was able to make this a smooth transition in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring all systems inside the four walls at all locations were talking to each other. With the ability to bring all of its solutions together, Essintial is now this drugstore chain’s service, logistics and depot arm for 800 pharmacy service locations throughout the U.S., responding to 6000 calls each month to meet a very aggressive SLA standard.

Our service organization was in-house for 35 years and we were able to outsource and reduce expenses without any problems in a matter of weeks. Nothing could slip, and nothing did.