Nationwide deployment, installation and training


A large point of sale, front of house, back of house, and guest-facing technology company was growing substantially and needed expertise and bandwidth, recognizing they could no longer manage an in-house implementation engineer team. An alternative was needed for nationwide deployment, installation and training capabilities, fast.


Essintial was approached with a big ask – build a field technician workforce for all Tier 1 customers throughout the country. Essintial would be required to scale up quickly for a company-wide deal and deliver a radically different approach to service. In the end, the organization entrusted Essintial with all its enterprise-level customers around the U.S., as well as smaller closely held businesses.


Within 30 days Essintial brought the ability to work everywhere in the U.S., both remotely and on-site, installing, training and managing the “Go Live” process at grand openings. The new Essintial team included technicians with broad skill sets to train store personnel on hardware and payment software. The flexible model worked well, as the customer able to budget more easily with a known benefit for the cost, and no variability or billing surprises. Essintial is now managing 250 on-site and 250 remote turn-ups each month.


As we grew, it was clear we were better off outsourcing the field technology function to Essintial, who has the broad expertise, reach and responsiveness we need 24/7/365.