EMV Services

Credit/Debit Card Security & POS Hardware

EMV chip technology is the global standard for the secured authorization of credit card and debit card transactions worldwide. As security technologies continue to strengthen, this government regulated practice is a MUST for retailers protecting themselves and their customers from every security viewpoint and to help reduce fraud.

Essintial offers a turn-key process that includes installation, device exchange and destruction that is managed by a central point of contact that’s customized on a per project basis. Each part is safely stored and secured in Essintial’s warehouse. By utilizing Essintial’s RFID, the inventory is easily tracked throughout its lifecycle. Every part is sealed in a tamperproof bag that is not opened until a technician is onsite. The defectives are then shipped back to our facility for destruction and recycling. Essintial partnered with Smith Recycling and Armor Metal Company for the destruction and recycling of its pin pads and computer chips assuring the most environmentally friendly practices and DOD guidelines while keeping cost at a minimum. Essintial also provides proof of destruction by issuing a certificate that is sent back to the client for part number verification.

With Essintial’s PCI compliance certification with annual self-audits and quarterly third-party penetration tests, Essintial is able to ensure full compliance of PCI DSS Merchant Standards that is critical to protecting our client’s technologies.