Technical Assistance Center

24x7x365 Dispatch, Help Desk, and Technical Support

Fielding more than 40,000 events per month, Essintial’s headquarter-based Technical Assistance Center operates 24×7 each day of the year to ensure that every service we provide is executed smoothly from beginning to end. Enabled by Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodologies, the process starts at either electronic or phone call receipt where the request is validated. Once entitlement is vetted, our Managed WorkForce™ technicians and nationally positioned inventory are sourced and dispatched through our workforce management solution, and then tracked for service level agreement compliance. Level 1 technical support is available at every step in the process, from call initiation through completion, and every service call is closed by capturing all of the requisite data for accurate invoicing and business analytics.

To maximize the efficiency of our Technical Assistance Center support staff, we employ LEAN continuous improvement processes and dedicate separate individuals to the Technology Projects that we design and execute. This separation creates a “mini” Project Management environment to ensure that we meet the performance and scheduling parameters that we set for all enterprise equipment service calls and projects. We also evaluate the TAC team at least quarterly to validate that our resource availability and organization match client requirements in order to maximize responsiveness.

Plan your enterprise technology service with Essintial for the assurance of on-time, every time support.