Field Services

Experienced & Reliable Field Service Resources

Essintial’s Managed WorkForce® field service solution capitalizes on internal and external field service resources to precisely support clients’ enterprise technology requirements including:

  • Deployments
  • Upgrades
  • Moves
  • Maintenance
  • Replacements
  • Removals

Most noteworthy, Managed WorkForce® gives Essintial℠ the unique ability to provide next-day service to every zip code in the U.S. In addition, same-day service is available in over 30,000 locations, including all mid-tier and major metropolitan areas. As a result, we yield more than 25,000 service events per month.

Integral to the success of Managed WorkForce® is Essintial Certified. This program is built on platinum-level standards and requirements for every field service engineer that we deploy, and managed through our Private Preferred Network (PPN).

Essintial℠ Certified requires:

  • Updated background and drug screens
  • Skills and professionalism screens, testing for technical and interpersonal skills
  • Essintial standards reviews
  • Client contracts acumen and understanding
  • Utilization and performance reviews

How we manage field service

First, our proprietary Resource Balancing Tool (RBT) dynamically matches each customer’s unique contract requirements to technician capabilities and availability. The tool allows us to balance cost and performance objectives by assigning the technicians that will best support each need.

Next, our workforce management software schedules the technicians identified, and we ensure that each one is equipped with the right inventory and information through individual contact in our pre-dispatch process. This is a one-on-one conversation between Essintial and each field technician prior to dispatch. The discussion may address expected parts delivery from our nationwide forward stocking locations or information about failure history gleaned from our analytics. If any discrepancies arise, we quickly adjust to meet committed service levels, oftentimes within 4-hours.

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