Data Center Services

Same-Day Support to Single Location and Satellite Data Centers

No other independent service organization (ISO) has the breadth and depth to reach every corner of the nation with high availability infrastructure technology services for onsite and offsite, main and remote site data center services. Essintial℠ does. Our proprietary Managed WorkForce® field service and comprehensive logistics solutions, supported by real-time business intelligence and our 24x7x365 Technical Assistance Center (TAC) deliver the people, inventory and knowledge clients require to implement and maintain data center servers, and storage and network equipment.


Essintial℠ Data Center Services

Our end-to-end same-day, next-day, scheduled, and phased support includes:

  • Server support
  • Storage
  • Single and multi-location installations
  • International support
  • Router, switch, and system configurations and upgrades
  • Onsite and offsite maintenance, repair and other data center services
  • Parts logistics
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment moves and removals, including asset disposal and resale
  • Destruction, with certificate, and disposal
  • Replacement units and parts logistics and management

Essintial Certified assures compliance for all OEM equipment serviced, yielding 95%+ SLA attainment across 50+ vendors. And by consolidating contracts, and single sourcing onsite, remote, and logistics services with Essintial, clients realize the most competitive costs and quality in infrastructure support.


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With 24x7x365 nationwide coverage and on-site support, Essintial uniquely designs support services for the entire enterprise technology lifecylce – from installations and moves through upgrades and end-of-life.



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