Essintial Services

Full Enterprise Technology Support Services

Because we’re backed by a legacy of industry thought leadership and expertise, Essintial℠ offers innovative IT solutions in support of enterprise technology. Furthermore, we manage the lifecycle of technology through well-established field and data center services, infrastructure and technology.

As a result — regardless of the requirements — Essintial creates innovative IT solutions that help customers optimize equipment availability and costs:

  • Onsite or offsite
  • Main or remote locations
  • Same- or next-day service commitments
  • Immediate or long-term projects
  • Deployments or upgrades
  • Complete or partial outsourcing
  • National or regional

Innovative IT Solutions

Most noteworthy, Essintial supports customers in a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare, financial, air transportation and many others. Furthermore, these customers rely on us for a variety of technology services and solutions, including those highlighted below.

Field Services (Managed WorkForce®)

Our proprietary processes, technology, and certification standards deliver the most comprehensive network of experienced and reliable field technical resources. As a result, we service every zip code in the United States, supporting same-day or next-business-day SLAs.

Technology Projects

Essintial is at the forefront of the industry with an established and experienced Complex Projects Solution. This solution is then combined with the unique ability to assemble field service resources and position inventory. As a result, we are proud to offer customers the right solution for projects, large and small. Projects can range from new installations and moves through upgrades and end-of-life.

Managed Services

Essintial’s server monitoring, desktop support, and email and remote administration solutions ensure around-the-clock technology availability.

Data Center Services

Employing our nationwide Managed WorkForce® field service and logistics networks, Essintial provides same-day support to single location and satellite data centers with the same high service levels and quality.

Essintial Service Area

In addition to capabilities for complete coverage in every zip code in the United States, Essintial provides coverage in 50+ other countries. The map below depicts our capabilities worldwide. The green shaded countries are those where we have provided or are providing services. The blue shaded areas are additional countries where we have capability to provide service. 

World map showing Essintial's service coverage worldwide

How Essintial Works

Every service we deliver depends upon our well-established infrastructure for success. Comprised of our Technical Assistance Center, logistics, and business intelligence, and supported by robust technology, it is the backbone of Essintial’s service offerings, and the foundation from which we operate.