EMV Deployment Services

Credit/Debit Card Security

EMV chip technology is the global standard for the secured authorization of credit card and debit card transactions worldwide. However, EMV installation requires a time-intensive deployment of new equipment. EMV-compliant merchants reported a 54% annual decrease in counterfeit card fraud last year. As a result, security technologies continue to strengthen and this government-regulated practice is a must for retailers. In addition to reducing fraud, EMV upgrades also increase security for both retailers and their customers. 

Each retailer faces a unique set of circumstances in the upgrade to EMV-enabled technology. Essintial’s established infrastructure and nationwide Managed WorkForce® allow us to develop solutions that fit the specific needs of each customer. 

Essintial℠ didn’t just go through the motions… They took ownership, and that’s really what we were looking for.” — Total Wine & More


Essintial℠: EMV Installation & Upgrades

Essintial’s turn-key process for EMV installation and upgrade services includes installation, device exchange and destruction of original pin pads. A central point of contact — named on a per-project basis — manages the process. Parts are safely stored and secured in Essintial’s warehouse, where inventory is easily tracked throughout its lifecycle. Each part is sealed in a tamper-proof bag that remains sealed until a technician is onsite. The original pin pads or defectives are then shipped back to our facility for destruction and recycling.

Essintial has dedicated partners for the destruction and recycling of pin pads and computer chips. These partnerships assures the most environmentally friendly practices and DOD guidelines are followed while minimizing cost to our customers. Essintial also provides a certificate of destruction to customers for part number verification.

Essintial’s PCI compliance certification is maintained with annual self-audits and quarterly third-party penetration tests. With this PCI certification, we ensure full compliance of PCI DSS Merchant Standards, critical to protecting our client’s technologies.