Managed WorkForce® Consulting

Optimization by the Numbers: The Distributed Technology Support Challenge

Deployment, management, and support of distributed technologies — particularly in the financial and retail services industries — is resource-intense. Identifying and accommodating requirements of each unique event with a tech with the right skills and requisite part(s) is no easy task. Add the complication of tight, off-hour implementations or same- or next-day service level commitments, and it is easy to see
how internal capabilities are difficult and expensive to scale.

Essintial’s Managed WorkForce® (MWF) practices lead the industry to optimally balance the cost equation. With MWF, clients have access to skilled techs and the necessary management infrastructure — in every zip code in the U.S. — with next-day and same-day service to over 30,000 locations. Responding to 25,000+ service events per month, Essintial provides compliance for all OEM equipment supported with consistent SLA attainment across 50+ vendors.



How Managed WorkForce® Works

The first step is determining the appropriate mix of internal fixed and external variable field technical resources. Whether the support is for enterprise maintenance, or data center services, Essintial begins with a solutions engineering approach. Using a proprietary Resource Balancing Tool (RBT), Essintial matches customer contract requirements to tech capabilities and availability. Incorporating cost and
performance objectives, the RBT assesses which type of technicians will support each requirement best. The RBT considers:

  • Technician performance
  • Full-time tech utilization & total cost vs. a variable tech for that region
  • Skill set, tenure, future business, certifications, & other financially intangible factors

Next, we access our Managed WorkForce® field techs through a custom-built Preferred Provider Network (PPN) that includes Essintial Certified full-time (W2) and contracted resources who meet platinum-level standards mandating:

  • Updated background checks & drug screens
  • Skills/professionalism screens
  • Essintial standards reviews
  • Client contracts acumen and understanding
  • Utilization/performance reviews

This data — with information about soft skills — is combined to develop a Quality Rating for each tech. They are then selected for jobs based on requirements and Quality Rating, receiving training when a new client engagement launches and through Quick Reference Guides distributed at dispatch.


Learn More

MWF has a lot of moving pieces, and we even offer consulting to help customers optimize their existing
workforces. You can find more details in our Managed WorkForce Consulting fact sheet or our white paper on the subject, Optimizing Your Workforce by the Numbers