Servers & Storage

End-to-End Support from Essintial

Companies managing data center servers, storage and network equipment for their businesses or on behalf of their clients are challenged 24×7. Installations, configurations, upgrades, maintenance, and equipment moves and removals for various technology types keep the people responsible for data center availability working around the clock.

Recent trends show businesses moving away from large, costly OEM maintenance contracts, but they still require robust capabilities from a third party maintenance (TPM) provider to ensure data center operations remain stable and secure.

Essintial is the only TPM provider with the infrastructure in place to reach every zip code in the U.S., providing hardware break/fix of multi-vendor environments with same-day onsite and restore metrics for mission critical environments.

As a customer-centric company, we have built our well-established infrastructure to be scalable and repeatable allowing us to provide a flexible model, customizable to the specific needs of each customer. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end same-day, next-day, scheduled, or phased support, Essintial has you covered.

Essintial℠ Data Center Services

Our end-to-end same-day, next-day, scheduled, and phased support includes:

Break/fix service

  • Remote diagnostics/troubleshooting
  • Customer replaceable unit shipment
  • Component replacement
  • Device (re)configuration and equipment reinstatement

Proactive maintenance services

  • Proactive pre-scheduled maintenance
  • Condition-based servicing
  • Preemptive component replacement
  • Predictive analytics
  • Scheduled assessments to restore performance levels or preventive actions needed to avoid issues in the future
  • Detail of assessment and action plan

UEFI/BIOS & firmware update advisement

  • Notification of devices with out-of-date firmware or OEM application
  • Sourcing of firmware updates (subject to OEM license restrictions)
  • In depth guidance to apply necessary updates to all affected devices
  • Deployment progress reporting

Operating System Support

  • Configuration guidance
  • Patch management
  • Application advisement

Essintial Certified assures compliance for all OEM equipment serviced, yielding 95%+ SLA attainment across 50+ vendors. And by consolidating contracts, and single sourcing onsite, remote, and logistics services with Essintial, clients realize the most competitive costs and quality in infrastructure support.



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