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Insight & Information into Essintial’s Business

Whether you’re looking for general information about our services, a more in-depth look at our capabilities or real-life examples of our services, we have what you need to vet our services.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets offer a one-page overview of some of our core and specialty services including: complex deployments and projects, retail, data center services, ATM services, Managed WorkForce® consulting, technology de-installation, EMV point of sale upgrade, kiosk and signage, and technical assistance center services.

Case Studies

Essintial’s case studies highlight the issues we have addressed for our customers, and their thoughts on the services and solutions we’re providing. You’ll find case studies about customers like Total Wine & More and Things Remembered, among others.

White Papers

Our white papers highlight the strategic initiatives where Essintial℠ leads the way in optimizing the workforce. Included are white papers detailing our methodology behind our proprietary Managed WorkForce® consulting and our industry-leading Complex Projects Solution.   


At Essintial, we measure ourselves by looking at customer satisfaction levels and always aim for exceptional customer service. If you’d like to get a feel for what our customers are saying about us and our services, check out our testimonial page.

Other Helpful Documents

Real World Advice for IOT Success

IOT continues to permeate the minds of today’s technology decision makers in all of the industries we reach. There’s no denying the growth of the IoT market, nor the impact the technology is having on businesses of all shapes and sizes and there are plenty of statics to reflect IoT’s rapid growth and impact.