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Please download one of our case studies or white papers, which highlight the services and solutions we’re providing our clients and strategic initiatives where Essintial℠ leads the way in optimizing the workforce, or check out our datasheets below. 



Complex Deployments & Projects

Essintial’s project management approach allows us to provide quality service that we consider to be a key differentiator. Our program capabilities have been developed over the last several decades through management of large-scale, complex programs.

Retail Services

With 24x7x365 nationwide coverage and on-site support, Essintial’s offerings are fully customizable, tailored to meet each customer’s unique functional requirements and the most demanding service level agreements in the industry.

Data Center Services

With 24x7x365 nationwide coverage and on-site support, Essintial℠ uniquely designs support services for the entire enterprise technology lifecycle — from installations and moves through upgrades and end-of-life.

ATM Services

Essintial℠ specializes in Front Line Maintenance (FLM) for the ATM market through creative solutions focused on the specific needs of ATM support and maintenance. We provide high-touch, high quality maintenance services to the banking industry nationwide.

Managed WorkForce® Consulting Service

Essintial’s Managed WorkForce® (MWF) practices lead the industry to optimally balance the cost equation. With MWF, clients have access to skilled techs and the necessary management infrastructure — in every zip code in the U.S. — with next-day and same-day service to over 30,000 locations.

De-Installation Services

In the age of super-sized e-tailers and saturated markets, it’s no surprise that brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants exist in a constant state of flux. Essintial’s here to support your de-installation needs.

EMV Point of Sale Upgrade Services

You face a unique set of circumstances in the upgrade to EMV-enabled technology. Our established infrastructure and nationwide Managed WorkForce® allow us to develop a solution to fit your specific needs.

Kiosks & Signage Services

Digital signs and self-service kiosks have become highly effective tools of communication and customer assistance for businesses of all kinds. Essintial℠ works with customers in all industries structuring project plans and service packages to meet unique needs — from new installations to maintenance and refreshes.

Technical Assistance Center

Essintial’s 24x7x365, headquarter-based Technical Assistance Center (TAC) fields, on average, more than 25,000 service events per month with compliance for all OEM equipment supported, meeting clients’ specific SLA objectives across 50+ vendors.


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