Scalable Forward Stocking Locations

In many instances, our clients have logistics requirements in addition to service needs. Essintial offers a robust logistics network to stock client inventory in support of all services. Built to be scalable, forward stocking locations can also be added on-demand based on client need. 

With over 150 FedEx 24x7x365 Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs), Essintial can position inventory anywhere in the United States to meet 4-hour ground delivery requirements. We customize our strategic forward stocking and inventory management services for each customer and business requirement. This ensures the right part is dispatched for each call.

Essintial's forward stocking locations for customer inventory

Reverse Logistics

In addition to serving as FSLs in local markets, Essintial also offers reverse logistics capabilities. Therefore, inventory can be returned, consolidated and shipped to repair vendors, manufacturers, or back to clients, depending on the client requirements. Our dedicated warehouse in Harrisburg, PA takes logistics one step further with complete integration, assembly, testing and depot repair facilities.

Logistics Planning

Logistics planning is as complicated as workforce management. Essintial invests in developing tools and algorithms to consider every relevant impact. This includes historical demand and failure rates as well as seasonality and other influences that may skew or dictate the forecast.

FedEx Partnership

Finally, Essintial’s strategic alliance with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics® provides a fully integrated system for logistics management. Checkout the video below, or download the case study FedEx released in 2013 highlighting the partnership with Essintial. 

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