Technology that Creates Real Results

Technology must evolve to support evolving technology. Sounds simple, but sometimes the obvious, isn’t always so. Many service organizations use outdated solutions and manual processes to plan, schedule, and track their field technicians and parts. They also rely on historical performance and reports to make decisions. Essintial℠ understands how technology impacts its ability to support our enterprise clients’ infrastructure and continually evaluates and implements new applications. Our Business Intelligence team and tools play an integral role in determining how we should invest and the anticipated improvements.

Although technology plays an integral role in everything we do at Essintial, from finance and human resources through warranty entitlement and asset disposition, the technologies that differentiate us most include our:

Resource Balancing Tool (RBT)

A proprietary Essintial application that dynamically matches customer contract requirements to technician capabilities and availability, balancing cost and performance objectives, to assign the technicians that will support each customer request best

Workforce Management

Real-time visibility into open jobs and available Essintial Certified technicians to automatically allocate work to the most appropriate resource

PCI Certification

Essintial performs a comprehensive annual self-audit and quarterly validation scans with Security Metrics to ensure full compliance of PCI DSS Merchant Standards. Recognized by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB Card Brands, the certification is critical to our clients who are responsible for managing retail technologies

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By leveraging mobile applications, we further enable our teams with direct access to work instructions and parts, increasing our performance and productivity for our clients. Innovate with Essintial and apply technology to optimize your enterprise infrastructure.