Business Intelligence

Sophisticated Data Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence is integral to everything we do at Essintial℠. With the in-depth insight from this team and the information they utilize, we optimize enterprise technology infrastructures – our main client objective. Business Intelligence encompasses the strategies and technological solutions that manage knowledge through the analysis of existing data in an organization, and we take it very seriously at Essintial.

To begin, we created a completely separate group that reports directly to the CEO – not operations or finance – in order to eliminate any bias regarding potential problems or impact outcomes. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts in all areas of the company – a “think tank” that thoroughly understands the organization, and our services and capabilities. We also created a sophisticated technology toolset that use real-time data to collect and analyze all financial, statistical, and performance measurements. Through multi-dimensional analysis, we use the combination of expertise and data to set internal goals and targets, validate decisions, and create solutions that optimize the quality/cost equation that clients value and we built our business upon.

Essintial’s best practices approach defines metrics into two major categories: Reporting and Analytics. Reporting is the retroactive method of recording performance whereas analytics is the proactive approach we take to predict, consult, and advise customers and our internal management.

Essintial's approach to business intelligence

Discover how Essintial’s Business Intelligence organization and methodologies could help improve your operations with enterprise technology solutions that meet your current and future requirements.