Essintial Methodology

A Backbone Clients Can Depend On

Every technology service we deliver – workplace services, professional services, data center services, network services and product & logistics services — is built on our foundational Managed WorkForce® (MWF) methodology. 

The foundation of our business operations is comprised of our Service Desk, Essintial Preferred Technicians, Program Management, and Logistics all supported by a robust Business Intelligence component. This is the infrastructure at our core that allows us to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations on same- and next-day timelines for superior customer satisfaction. 

Managed WorkForce: An Integral Part of Essintial Services

Service Desk

Our in-house, 24x7x365 Pennsylvania-based Service Desk provides four levels of support to customers, ensuring they receive the assistance they need, when and where they need it. 

Preferred Technicians

Technicians must pass rigorous background checks and drug tests, complete training and be thoroughly vetted by the Essintial team before becoming an Essintial Preferred Technician. With more than 2,600 — and constantly growing — technicians, Essintial provides customers with the ability to service every zip code in the U.S. with same-day service levels, as needed.  

Program Management

Essintial’s Program Management team is broken down into three segments — Implementation, Account Management and Project Management. This allows dedicated teams to guide customers through every step of the process, from signing contract through contract execution or project completion. 


Essintial℠ leverages the largest forward stocking networks in the nation — in addition to one central stocking location based near headquarters — to provide same-day parts availability to even the most remote locations. 

Business Intelligence

Sophisticated data intelligence and analytics enables a dedicated team of Solutions Architects to customize and analyze solutions that optimize our resources for every client requirement.


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