Why the “I” in Essintial℠?

Innovation, Integrity & Infrastructure are a Few Reasons

The dictionary defines the word essential as “something that is absolutely necessary; indispensable.” When we were working to define our identity as an organization, this word rose to the top of our list, but one question kept coming up — how do we differentiate ourselves? Then it clicked. In the traditional spelling, “essential” describes what our services are to our clients — absolutely necessary and indispensable. However, Essintial℠ is so much more than that. We are a community of individuals who are innovative thinkers and intelligent problem solvers. Our infrastructure supports those individuals by identifying challenges and creating impactful solutions. We solution the impossible. We put the “i” in Essintial.


Our team of experts throughout the organization creating customized solutions that meet your needs


Smart thinking to develop creative solutions to create competitive advantage and opportunity


The foundation of what our business is built on and the technology we serve

Business Intelligence

Our insight and eyes behind the numbers


From concept to service delivery


Embracing every individual and your needs to know how our strengths can fuel your success


Unifying our services and yours into a whole solution


Seamless, quality service on-time, every time


Highest standard of business excellence upon which we operate


Anticipating and listening to your needs to build long-term solutions


Our accurate and intuitive understanding of your business needs